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Rotor 5 ml

Ortoalresa has launched a series of new angular rotors designed for the new 5 ml conical microtube. These rotors can be adapted to four of our centrifuges, Biocen 22, Biocen 22 R and series Digicen 22/22 R. Features a series of adapters, which extends its versatility by allowing the use of tubes of different capacities.

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Oil / Petrol

Ortoalresa presents the news of its petrol products line: Digtor 21 C-U, for water and sediments (without heating); Digtor 21 C-8, highest capacity on its range, 8 tubes for 8”; and GRS, accessory that increase the safety on the lab. Ortoalresa, leading manufacturer on centrifuges for oil/petrol applications.

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New rotors

Continuing our searching for new alternatives that meet the demands and needs of our customers, Ortoalresa has launched two new rotors for its centrifuge Unicen 21, who have provided a significant increase in the number of samples with which to work, in the case of RT 256 up to 32 conical tubes of 15 ml.

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Microplates 80mm

Ortoalresa launches a new swing out rotor for microtiter plates, RT 245 available for refrigerated centrifuge Consul 21 R, Digtor 21 R and Magnus 21 R, suitable for different combinations of individual or stacked plates up to 80 mm in height. This rotor also has an adapter that allows it work with 72 microtubes of 1,5-2ml.

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Quarterly offer 2017

Ortoalresa has launched its new quarterly offer valid until 15th of July 2017. Include its minicentrifuge Minicen, the Digicen 21 with two possibly configurations which includes new rotors with highest capacity and the Digicen 21 R, refrigerated model.

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Novedades What we offer

  • Rotor 5 ml
  • Oil / Petrol
  • New rotors
  • Microplates 80mm
  • Quarterly offer 2017


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