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TFT   GRS-play-video   PCBS 2-eng

TFT colour touch


(Gas Release System)


Progressive controlled braking system (PCBS)

Ortoalresa continually develops systems that optimise the equipment and that provide tools to the user incorporating multiple devices to make the tasks easier, while ensuring a safe working environment.
Described below are three of the most representative examples of our devices:

TFT colour touch screen:

How to introduce a device present in personal use equipment into a centrifuge? Well, it certainly hasn't been easy, but we've done it! Incorporating these screens has gone beyond offering something new, it has allowed our users even more:

   · By storing programmes intuitively, without the need to introduce the equipment's configuration data.
   · By informing the user of the equipment status, when at a distance from the work station.
   · By allowing equipment assistance in remote and in real-time data analysis.

TFT 5   TFT 3ok   TFT 7

General menu


Accessories selection


Parameters selection

GRS (Gas Release System):

Because safety, definitely, comes first. The centrifuge process of certain types of samples (pathogens, volatile elements, etc.) contains a user-risk, regardless of the use of biological containment systems. For this reason Ortoalresa has developed the Gas Release System (GRS) which allows the atmosphere generated inside the equipment to be extracted and transferred to a safe area.

This accessory reduces the risk for the user and for the laboratory environment as well as statistically ruling out the hazard danger in high-risk environments.

GRS 4   GRS-play-video   GRS 2

GRS detail


Demo video


Centrifuge+GRS accessory

Progressive controlled braking system (PCBS):

The equipment braking system produces homogenisation of the layers after centrifugation, reversing the process at the centre of the sample in the case of sudden braking. Ortoalresa incorporates the PCBS into its centrifuges, allowing the user to have split-second control over the braking time. This system ensures braking without interference in the centrifugation.

PCBS 11   PCBS 12   PCBS 31

175 ramps which maintain the integrity of the layers after braking.

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