Specialized assistance

We excel in efficient customer service with which our team members have access to a range of tools adapted to the requirements of each of our customers, from technical support to sales support. 

This specialization has led us to manufacturing centrifuges (OEM) in applications that, because of their nature, do not fit in the standard equipment. 

Our products are subjected to a risk analysis in order to protect the sample, the user and their environment, and we are obliged to maintain a traceability that allows us to control the product from its source to the user.

Our activities are based upon our company quality policy, especially focused on the quality of customer service.

We follow EU Directive regarding customer data protection.

We are developing actions to remain in KC (Known consignee) registry and this simplifies and reduces the cost of exporting our equipment.

Our technical department leads the installation and setting up of our equipment and provides training aimed at a better understanding of our products and services, with telephone support for the resolution of questions regarding the equipment installation and handling, allowing performance optimization according to the requirements.

Procedures and certificates for calibration and accreditation on installation, operation, product, etc are available to our customers. 

We offer a two-year full guarantee in all of our products, which reinforces the image of excellence Ortoalresa intends to reach from beginning to end of all our manufacturing processes.

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