Responsible technology

Respecting and protecting the environment is one of our main goals. So, how do we stay true to this principle of respect and protection?

By using materials consistent with this concept, which allows our equipment include more than 95% recyclable parts, according to the WEEE Directives for the management of electrical and electronic equipment waste and RosH Directive  on the non-use of hazardous substances in manufacturing processes.

In this line of sustainable manufacturing, fluorinated gases are only used in the cooling systems integrated in the centrifuges of low impact on the ozone layer. We use gases that produce the least greenhouse effect, compared with the commonly used gases according international standards on use.

By selecting quality packaging that protects shipment while occupying minimal space, being certified according to international standards for phytosanitary measures and 100% recyclable.

By developing equipment such as Gas Release System that reduces aerosol emissions into the atmosphere. 

By designing and producing accessories that reduce the impact on the user’s health, with tight lids on the rotors and buckets, autoclavable materials, easy to identify, and by leading the process in order to ensure the user safety throughout the entire duty cycle.

And by using this same philosophy in all of our fields, as in the catalog you hold in your hands, which has been made using technology compatible with sustainable development.

This attitude is not meant to be an extra effort, but a way of positioning the company looking forward.

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