Continued innovation

We are characterised by innovation, incorporating the latest technological developments, investing in R & D, and improving the performance and accessories of our equipment to adapt to new laboratory processes. We build this innovation and seek the best solutions based on user proposals. 

These are the parameters that have led Ortoalresa to create equipment with a distinguishing feature - its use intuitively by any type of user! Thereby allowing access to achieving the best performance, offering alternatives with a high degree of technical expertise. This allows detailed user control based on the sample characteristics.

This endeavour has resulted in Ortoalresa being the only European centrifuge manufacturer to incorporate: 


TFT colour touch screens


With an easy-to-handle design specially adapted to the field of centrifuge, enabling maximum performance and productivity from the equipment.


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Progressive controlled braking system (PCBS):


PCBS allows the user to maintain the integrity of the various layers after centrifugation. Ortoalresa centrifuges provide up to 175 acceleration and braking ramps, enabling the time to be precisely selected according to sample sensitivity and centrifuging smoothly without jumps. This factor is critical in plasma samples, biotechnology etc., where the fraction of interest is located in the intermediate rings of the sample.


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PCBS 2-eng



GRS (Gas Release System)

The function of this accessory is to extract the gases or aerosols generated inside the centrifuge when processing the samples, and move them to a safe area. This safety system is exclusive to Ortoalresa centrifuges.


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Other features of our products are:

FRIO-CALOR   Accesorios eng
  Equipment with different temperature controls, adapting to a wide range of applications

Refrigerated: obtained values ​​below 4 ° C at maximum speed of any of its rotors.
Heated: obtained values ​​up to 80 ° C.



Our new accessories (rotors, reducers, tubes): multiple reducers for conical tubes, which allow the use of tubes with or without a skirt according to the user´s needs and not requiring changing the adapters.

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