Ortoalresa as specialized centrifuges manufacturer offers a wide range of products, among them we can find centrifuges with temperature control (refrigerated and heated), aircooling, high speed, high capacity, microcentrifuges…



Given the wide range of centrifuges at our disposal, and to facilitate selection by user, we've classified them in two groups:


General applications:
Special applications:
- Exclusive use in laboratory and with standardized and commonly used sample holders.   - Use outside the laboratory setting and according to standardized directives.
- Categories:   - Categories:
      • Small
      • Microcentrifuges
      • Universal
      • High capacity
      • Floor standing
      • For industry use: petrol/oil, dairy laboratories.
      • For life sciences: applications of enrichment of plasma, aesthetic suergery, cytocentrifuge, veterinary.

+ general applications

+ special applications


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